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Tree of Life Theatre Company's 360 Festival - Play Finalist Cold Read

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

On Saturday February 24, 2018 I had the opportunity to photograph Tree of Life Theatre Company's 360 Festival--PLay Finalist Cold Read. Six new plays -- The Mouse; An Alternative to God;Detritus;VS Knight; The Ceramic Hawk; and Benefits Lapsed were showcased during the afternoon and evening at the Cadillac Lounge on Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario. The winning play--Benefits Lapsed by Morgan Frey will have a staged reading March 3rd at 8 p.m. at the Cadillac Lounge as well as be workshopped for a full run in TLTC's upcoming season. Here are a few highlights from the day:

The actors have arrived and the scripts have been handed out.

Getting to know the characters they have been assigned before going on stage.

Introductions to the event were given by TLTC's producer Naomi Peltz.

Each group of actors were assigned characters in a play. They were given some time to quickly study the scripts and then invited to the stage to walk through the play, cold reading their parts. Everyone started off sitting but sooner or later someone had to stand up and moved about as the characters came to life on stage.

An action moment during the reading of The Mouse.

A mom and daughter conversation during An Alternative to God. The stage in the Cadillac Lounce had some funky lights beaming down on the stage--made for some interesting highlights on the actors as they performed.

In this scene of An Alternative To God two of the characters are talking about the use of homeopathic medicine to cure cancer.

A shared smile between characters in An Alternative to God.

An intense moment on stage during Detritus as the actors follow along and wait for their turn to read.

One of the final scenes of Detritus. I loved trying to capture the actors in character throughout all of the performances.

"Check out my muscles," declares this character in Detritus.

Time to grab some food and take a break before performing the second trio of plays.

Naomi Peltz welcomes everyone to the evening performances.

The lawyer in VS Knight.

The victim in VS Knight

The prisoner in VS Knight.

The team that will be reading The Ceramic Hawk take the stage.

Theprofessor and the student open The Ceramic Eagle by discussing and questioning the true meaning of life.

The eagle in The Ceramic Eagle.

Benefits Lapsed--the winning play--is described as a hilarious comedic play that opens your eyes to the often ignored struggle of those living with disabilities that aren't always the most visible. It's a hangout with 3 best friends as one of them gets over a break up, one of them looks for a date and the other tried to write her damn essay and maybe change the world's perspective a bit.

A moment between best friends during Benefits Lapsed.

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