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Danielle and Gerrit's Beautiful Wedding in London, Ontario

Updated: May 21, 2019

When I arrived last Friday evening at Danielle and Garrett's wedding venue to let them know I was in town and to get the photo booth set up I noticed right away how perfectly this couple complimented one another. Even though they were giving instructions to a dozen or more people so that everything for the wedding and reception got done and taking part in a wedding rehearsal they still connected with one another throughout the evening-- by sharing a joke, holding each other's hand when the opportunity presented itself or simply smiling across the room at one another. They took time to eat together and calmly reviewed the plans they had for the weekend. And surrounded by their family and friends they had a great time laughing and enjoying themselves. That's always a good sign in my books.

I've known the bride since she was a little girl and she has always been an energetic, happy, take charge type of person who loves people, sports, and having fun. The groom shares many of the same character qualities, likes and dislikes as the bride but simply shows them to the world in a calm, peaceful manner that compliments Danielle's personality so well.

Danielle and Garrett used Garrett's family church for both the wedding ceremony and for the reception and the church grounds and a local park for the outdoor portraits.The end result was some amazing pictures inside and out! Mother Nature even cooperated by not sending rain and making the temperature chilly but manageable for the bridemaids with their short sleeve dresses. The leaves at the park were also starting to show which added lots of spring colour to the images. A triple positive for a Canadian wedding in May. Delicious food, fun speaches and dancing together to some favourite music rounded out the day making it a beautiful experience for everyone taking part. The photos below I think attest to that. I want to say thanks to Danielle and Garrett and their families for allowing me the opportunity to share this special day with them.

Blessings xxoo

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