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Doors Open Ottawa 2018

For the past few years, if I'm in town, I try to get out and take part in the Open Doors Ottawa event. There are so many unique pieces of architecture in this city and I love taking some time to capture the 'heart and soul' of the buildings I've decided to visit. The first building we went in to was the Bank of Canada on Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa.

A Face in the Mirror

Tall and Proud

Kissed by the Sun

On My Way

Linked Together

Three Dimension or See-Through?

The next building we visited this year was the Bytown Museum located below the Chateau Laurier near the start of the Rideau Canal. A neat place to discover some of Ottawa's history and to learn about a local ghost or two as well.

A Tourist's Delight

Since 1827


From The Bridge

The third building we got to visit is the Connaught Building in Downtown Ottawa. One of the guides we talked with told us her daughter thought it was a castle because it, like so many of the buildings in downtown Ottawa has turrets. Her daughter was quite disappointed when she came inside though--looks very much like most of the other government buildings inside save for the Board room on the top floor. :)

Parliament Building

Parliament II

Revenue Canada

The last building we visited this year was the Hindu Temple of Ottawa-Carleton in the south part of Ottawa. I've drove by this building many, many times and always wanted to see inside. We weren't disappointed. The greeters made us feel welcome, my camera was smiled upon and I was invited to take images of the worship area, and a gentleman named Ken was available to share lots in interesting information about the Hindu faith. There was even a 50th anniversary celebration going on while Doors Open took place. The building is the whitest of white and has these neat sections on the roof that led to the neat abstract images below.

One Candle Drives Back the Dark

Open Doors

Hindu Shrines


Towards the Sky


Three Parts of God

Curved Lines

Looking forward to Doors Open 2019!

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