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About Me

Welcome to my site! Allow me to introduce myself.

I am an Ottawa, Ontario based photographer (with satellite studio locations in Peterborough and Toronto) who loves to shoot weddings, portraits, family and corporate events, festivals, live music and theatre and almost everything else that captures my attention in my neighbourhood, my city and the world beyond!

Ever since I was a little girl I've been involved in the arts. I've been a musician since an early age  and my electives in school and my extracurricular activities always included art courses.  In Grade 13 I decided to enrol in a photography art course and so my parents decided to buy me an SLR camera as a combined Christmas/birthday gift so that I didn't have to worry about sharing one of the school cameras with another student.  I still remember taking the camera from the box (it was an inexpensive Practika with a 50mm Zeiss lens) snapping the lens in to place and loading the roll of film. As I put my eye to the viewfinder and snapped the shutter I knew I'd found my art form! I was hooked. In fact I was so taken up with this new way of viewing the world that I decided  to head to Ryerson University in Toronto and complete an applied arts degree in Photography and Media Studies. Initially when my parents suggested that I might want to be a wedding and portrait photographer and maybe even photograph people's pets I told them they were crazy--that I was going to be an artist. Bless their hearts they never said "I told you so" when I discovered that taking pictures of people was really what I wwanted to do. After University I worked in the photo industry as a portrait photographer and started my own photography business.  I also got married,had some kids and developed a career as a behaviour consultant--all life events that worked well with my photography career and have helped me grow and evolve as a people photographer!


As you prepare and plan for your special event I hope you'll consider giving me a call at 613-899-2452 or drop me and email using the contact section below so we can book a Meet and Greet' session together to discuss your photography needs.


Thank you for visiting.

Contact Me

3871 Eighth Street

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1T3M6


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