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Winter Wonderland Wedding

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

I am so excited to begin my official wedding blog site highlighting Kevin and Kayla's Winter Wonderland Wedding that I had the honour of photographing last week.

There are really no words to describe what a lovely couple Kevin and Kayla are. Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to meet and get to know each one of them on their own and was delighted tohear that they had fallen in love and were getting married. Everyone who knows them consider them to be a perfect match for one another and I can honestly say that it would be hard to find two more caring and compassionate people.

The wedding took place at Fair Havens Ministries Resort in Beaverton, Ontario. All of the wedding party and some of the bride and groom's family came up on Friday evening for the rehearsal and stayed overnight at the resort. The cold yet sunny wedding day started off with a beautiful buffet brunch in the dining hall and then I bundled up and made my way over to the guys cabin to capture some fun memories as they got ready before heading over the the ladies chalet to do the same as the ladies prepared themselves for the ceremony and festivities to follow.

Kayla and Kevin sure know how to organize a beautiful wedding. Assisted by a large and loving family their attention to detail was meticulous and did not go unnoticed by everyone who attended the wedding. Kayla and Kevin with assistance from the team at the Hair Haven Ministries went out of their way to make sure that all of the guests felt special.

I consider myself blessed to know these truly wonderful people. My prayer is that God will bless them abundantly as they start their new life together as husband and wife.

Below are a few of the highlights from this special day celebrating Kevin and Kayla's love.

The wedding took place at Fair Havens Ministries located in Beaverton, Ontario (about an hour away from Peterborough, Ontario). For more information about Fair Havens Ministries go to

A week before the wedding there was a January thaw and most of the snow was gone. Mud rather tehn snow drifts was the theme for most of southern Ontario. Then two days before the wedding the temperatures dropped and there was a lovely covering of white--Hurrah!!!

A visit with the guys to start the day.

Real cufflinks.

Getting the hair just right.

Devilishly handsome wouldn't you say?

The bride told them to bring blankets to the chapel for the kids to sit on....she didn't say how many.

Going to the chapel....and he's gonna get married....dare you not to sing it!

A short hop and skip to the chapel...which si good because it's cold out here.

Time for flowers.... with help from the groom's mom.

The handsome groom.

And his men.

Over at the ladies cabin....

Kayla and Gabby hogging the bathroom

Something borrowed---Kayla's Grandma was married in this gown..add a bit of lace and voila...a vintage dress for a modern bride.

Make up is the hair.

Mom and Grandma--yep the one who used the dress the first time...helping the bride get into her dress.

Pearls are always welcome with a beautiful gown.

Little girls and earrings.

The flower girls and the ring bearer.

The ladies head for the chapel.

Here comes the BRIDE!!!

Kayla, your flowers are sooooo pretty....may I touch?

The minister and best man have taken their places---time to get this show on the road.

Rose pedals and little people....

The beautiful bride and a proud papa.

Thanks dad.... she's mine now.

We have come this day to witness a wedding.

Grandpa shares some words of wisdom and laughter.

I, Kevin, take you, Kayla....

With this ring I thee wed....get on that finger.....

Dancing with joy as everyone sings to the LORD.

Legal before GOD and now legal before man.

I just love a good wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Price

The kissing has started.

The Price Wedding Party

The reality of having three little kids in the wedding

"Ok," says the photographer "walk and laugh and look like you're having a great time despite it being -20 C"

Rosy cheeks and a special moment on their own before heading in to get warmed up.

A winter wedding.

The bride and groom.

Happy and cold.

A quick kiss on the nose to keep it warm.

Huddling together does help. Brrrrrr.

Sunset by the river.

Let the festivities begin! The new couple has arrived!

In order for them to kiss stories had to be told.

I love you.

This cake is delicious.

From this day forward the kissing never stops...a shared moment on the dance floor to end the night.

Off to start life's new adventure as husband and wife.

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